O/T PS4 FIFA 2020 [& new IoM TT Race game]

O/T PS4 FIFA 2020 [& new IoM TT Race game]

Postby Keith » Sun Mar 29, 2020 6:20 pm

As isolation was becoming more likely, I decided to buy a PS4 with FIFA & TT Race so I had something to waste time on. I can still get a fix of football & motorbikes!

Firstly, are there any other newbies who might fancy playing on-line sometime? I've literally had this for less than a week, so never tried playing on-line or anything like that.

Secondly, anyone know what they are doing? Can I see the team's ratings during the match? How do you best judge who is off the pace? I substituted a player because he was looking lower on energy than the others. Turned out his rating was head & shoulders above everyone else and he wasn't happy coming off the pitch! :lol:
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So how did that work out then?
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